What Will You Find Inside Your May Postfly Box?

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Can you feel it? It’s finally starting to feel like summer and that means it’s time to ditch your responsibilities and get on the water every chance you get. Mowing the lawn? Forget it, the grass looks better with a little length. That work you’ve let pile up to get done over the weekend? That’s what Sunday nights are for. The long list of errands you had to run? C’mon who are you kidding. Time to get after some fish and #WADEFORIT!

If you’re cooling off in some cold water this month, the latest Postfly trout box features patterns engineered to catch fish when more natural patterns are getting ignored. Fish the Purple Rain or Electric Prince Nymph patterns over riffles and tail-outs when the shin is getting high in the sky. Chasing after slabs all weekend long? Watch bream explode on the surface chasing after the Goofball, from the Warmwater Panfish box, cast after cast. Time to join the #LittleKibbieArmy.

Now that every angler and their mother are out on the flats chasing after skinny water giants and summer cruisin’ it’s time to focus. May’s Saltwater shrimp box will fool even the most pressured fish to bite, no matter how many times that beer-swilling spin fisherman in the boat next to you has tossed that giant plug on top of their heads. Swinging for summer steal? The fly du jour this month is…actually, it’s called the Fly Du Jour. This fly will get you tugs.

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May Signature Tier Box

Alex Gotlieb has been cranking out bespoke flats patterns for his clients and now you can get them too.

Flymen Fishing Co tying materials are the best in the business

Flymen Fishing Co tying materials are the best in the business, get them in your next fly tying box subscription now.

Saltwater and Steelhead Postfly Box

The saltwater and steelhead boxes are filled with hand-selected flies to help you catch the toughest fish to fool in fly fishing.

Featured Postfly Tribe Member Maddie Filomeo

Every month we select a Postfly Tribe Member to be featured in our insert, displayed in every box. Subscribe now and the next featured member could be you.

Postfly May Trout Box

The May Trout Postfly subscription box is filled with unique patterns that will fool fish on your local waters.

Learn To Tie The Evolution Mayfly Clinger nymph now

In the latest fly tying Postfly Box we included all the materials needed to tie the Evolution Mayfly Clinger nymph–learn to tie it now.

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Get Dad the best Father’s Day Gift around, a Postfly Subscription. This is one tie he’ll actually want to use.




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